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Web Content Portfolio

At 86 Keys, we've written web copy for the following websites, including on-site copy, blogs, press releases and more. 

National Pen Company (Pens.com), a promotional products ecommerce company

Dozens of product description pages, including: Best Selling Alpha Soft Touch Pen, Prestige Weekly Planner, and Budget Shopping Tote

Coffee Mugs Subcategory Page

BusinessFactors.com and Learning Center
Commercial Finance site 
(more than 200 pages; blogs, press releases, white papers, infographics, online course content, etc.)

Freight and transportation financing site 
(full site re-write)

Automotive Accessories site
(more than 100 pages, includes on-site copy as well as off-site press releases)

Mechanic / Auto Repair site
(full site re-write, more than 40 pages)

Fireplace decor (more than 100 pages)

Press Releases

With Shale Oil Exploration Expected To Boom, Business Factors Primes For Growth

Brushed Aluminum Handicap Signs Now Available to the General Public on STOPSignsandMore.Com

Business Factors’ Staffing Factoring Division Prepares for Rise in Demand Due to Affordable Care Act 


Web and Print Portfolio

Facebook Chooses Microsoft.pdf
137.2 KB

(ezine article for Microsoft) 

Mediacart Partners with Microsoft.pdf
159.1 KB

(ezine article for Microsoft)

175.7 KB

(ezine article for Microsoft)

155.7 KB

Magazine print ad for National University

Large Brochure.pdf
432.9 KB

National University

Print Ad.pdf
150.5 KB

National University

533.3 KB

University of Phoenix

Small Brochure .pdf
116.3 KB

National University 

Direct Mail Postcard .pdf
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University of Phoenix

Corporate Newsletter.pdf
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