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Creating Business Copywriting That Connects and Engages With Customers
Do you need to find a more effective way to market your business? Could the way you write about your products or services be negatively affecting your sales and brand? If you need to hire a results-oriented professional copywriter while staying within budget, 86 Keys Communications can help. Whether you need web copywriting, brochure copy, direct response copywriting or something in between, 86 Keys is your business copywriting solution. 

Professional Copywriting Services for Less than You Might Think
Effective copywriting, for the web or print environment, has a powerful and direct impact on your company’s bottom line. Whether it is attracting new prospects or retaining existing customers, effective business copywriting can be the difference between getting the sale and losing the customer.

Poor sales copywriting confuses and irritates customers while strong copywriting clarifies your message so that it resonates with customers. Strategic copywriting captures the customers’ interest and persuades them to take action and buy, communicating confidence in your business and its products or services.

86 Keys offers the following professional copywriting services:

Web Copywriting – On-site SEO Web content as well as off-site blogs, press releases, article marketing, social media posting and more

Effective SEO web content is written for human eyes and computer algorithms. Incorporating the right amount of industry keywords in just the right places is both an art and a science. Using too many keywords will negatively affect your search engine ranking while using too few won’t get you noticed. Relying too heavily on keywords at the expense of solid, attention-getting web content means your web page might rank but readers won’t stay on your page long enough to become customers. So if you are looking to rewrite your web copy to both improve SEO results and customer engagement, 86 Keys can help.

Direct Mail or Direct Response Copywriting – Email campaigns, sales letters, direct mail campaigns and more

Connect one-on-one with prospects by using direct response marketing. Direct mail remains an effective marketing tool because it enables you to build a relationship with prospects and turn them into customers. Using tried and true features-benefits language, when done right direct mail can draw in the customer again and again. 

Brochure Writing – Long- and short-form styles

A tri-fold brochure or a larger, capabilities brochure endures as a powerful way to present your business and its products or services to customers. A good brochure explains and persuades by both telling readers what you can do and then showing them why you are their best choice.

Corporate Communications and Press Releases – Newsletters, articles, magazine content and more

Newsletters and related communications let you keep in contact with customers by providing them with valuable information while building your brand and staying top-of-mind. In addition to solidifying your relationship with these customers, newsletters have the power to secure repeat business and referrals from existing clients.

Advertisements – Print ads, banner ads, Pay per Click (PPC) ad copy and radio ads

Miscellaneous Marketing and Communications Writing – Sales collateral, flyers, posters, business letters, employee manuals, advertorials, Power Point presentations, white papers, executive bios, technical writing, special event promos and more

Copyediting Services – Error-free, grammatically sound writing is a must in today’s competitive business environment. 86 Keys provides reliable copyediting services to corporate and small businesses, academic organizations, nonprofits, and individuals.

If you are looking for compelling SEO web content, blog content, press releases, brochure copywriting, direct response or more, contact us today and ask about our pricing options.

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